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At Bal Sohum Parivar, we aim to provide financial and infrastructural support to help children complete education.

In 1999, there was not even a single school in the remote village of Chaparda, Junagadh. Through fundraising and many contributions (financial and physical), we built a school in the local village, ensuring that children did not have to travel long distances to obtain an education. In 2001, Kutch was hit significantly by a disastrous earthquake. We undertook the construction of a new school in the nearby village of Adhoi that provided much needed education to over 203 children.

In 2015, we raised $310,000 in order to completely redevelop one of the villages that was damaged in the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. In addition, we rebuilt over 203 homes that were lost in the aftermath. In 2016, we arranged a medical camp with 11 medical doctors and staff members that volunteered from the LPS community from USA. They performed 48 surgeries and 1,200 children received pediatric wellness checks.

We would like to continue our great work and touch as many lives as we can…

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Vipin “Bavaji” Patel has always had an inner voice inside him that has compelled him to emerge as a strong presence and leader in the communities and causes he is most passionate about.

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