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India's second wave of Global pandemic COVID-19 is causing unprecedented damage to India. The current wave has now engulfed the entire country. It is widely spreading and endangering human lifes in the western state of Gujarat and The health system is extremely stressed across the nation and collapsing in some areas. A critical shortage of ICU beds, oxygen supply, and even cremation grounds is compounding the tragedy.

Vipin (Bavaji Patel) of Bavaji Charities who himself hails from Gujarat always believes that "Charity begins at home", is lending a helping hand to the people of Gujarat in this time of crisis.

Bavaji Charities has opened a new Covid treatment center in Jai Ambe Hospital, Junagadh, Gujarat with 50 beds for treating the affected. It has also opened another Covid care center in Bilkha, Junagadh with 40 beds.

These facilities are proving to be very much successful and helpful in supporting the weaker sections of the local population, who are affected by the corona virus crisis. We will continue to do our best to help the society in all possible ways.

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Vipin “Bavaji” Patel has always had an inner voice inside him that has compelled him to emerge as a strong presence and leader in the communities and causes he is most passionate about.

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