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Vipin “Bavaji” Patel, a second generation hotelier has a very successful career in the hotel business in USA. But, he decided to transform lives of the people in his home country, India. He helps to create a change in the education as well as health sector.

Individuals who cannot afford to pay for medical diagnosis and treatment are taken care of by offering services at no cost at all. Underprivileged children who do not have access to quality education are given opportunities to learn by constructing schools. Also, victims affected in natural disasters are aided by redeveloping their surroundings. We greatly believe that each human being has a right to live a happy and content life. We are blessed to be part of their journey!

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Vipin “Bavaji” Patel has always had an inner voice inside him that has compelled him to emerge as a strong presence and leader in the communities and causes he is most passionate about.

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