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Vipin (Bavaji) Patel is a philanthropist who has contributed greatly to the health, disaster and education sector back in his homeland of India or back in India. After becoming a successful hotelier, he got involved in undertaking humanitarian work in India and has been active ever since. As they say, “Charity begins at home” and indeed it holds true for Vipin Patel, however, he has led a very interesting life wherein he played many other roles as well.

The man with a “golden heart”

A native of Umrakh village in India, Vipin “Bavaji” Patel was born in March 11, 1954 and then originally settled in San Francisco, CA in 1970 with his family. He became a certified Federal Aviation Administrator and later graduated in Power plant and Aircraft Mechanics.

However, his career took a flight when he bought his first hotel in Fresno, California in 1976 followed by second (Howard Johnson) in North Carolina. Today, he owns properties across California, Louisiana and Texas. He was elected as Director at Large for AAHOA board in 2004 showcasing his fierce leadership skills to unite the AAHOA community. Later, he then served as a Regional Gulf Director till 2016.

Despite being tremendously successful professionally, he established Bal Sohum Parivar which initially offered scholarships in India. He serves as the Vice Chairman of Bal Sohum Parivar USA as well as area representative of Louisiana for Leuva Patidar Samaj (LPS) of USA.

Fondly known as “Bavaji”, he enjoys singing devotional songs and performing garba to raise funding for his noble causes.

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Vipin “Bavaji” Patel has always had an inner voice inside him that has compelled him to emerge as a strong presence and leader in the communities and causes he is most passionate about.

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